Thursday, January 17, 2013

Greyhound request for route frequency reduction is approved

The Passenger Transportation Board of British Columbia has approved Greyhound Canada's request to reduce the number of trips on a number of its British Columbia Routes.

The decision issued January 10th and amended again on January 15th  gave approval to the bus line to reduce its service on 15 of its British Columbia runs, including the route L1 which is the Prince Rupert to Prince George run.

The growing cost of providing service and low ridership levels were the main reasons provided for Greyhound when they sought to gain a service reduction on the routes in question.

In the course of the decision, the subject of the Northern Health Connections bus was also introduced into the discussion, with Greyhound explaining its thoughts that it cannot compete with a heavily subsidized public sponsored operation like the NH Connections bus service. (see page 7 of decision)

Concerns expressed by Mayor Jack Mussallem regarding health and safety issues that should be considered over any potential cutbacks were also included into the final summation (page 11)

The synopsis of the decision and review of the submissions can be found on pages 32-34.

The decision outlines the scope of the cuts to the Prince Rupert-Prince George run, which will see a reduction from 22 total weekly trips to 14, but will provide for one daily trip in each direction.

Greyhound schedule planner

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Much of the fallout stemming from the decision by the Transportation Board to allow Greyhound permission to reduce service on its runs is being focused on the Highway 16 corridor.

Framed to a fashion on the recent recommendations of the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry.
Some of the review from that perspective and other views on the issue can be found below.

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