Saturday, January 12, 2013

Idle No More protests take to the streets of Terrace and Prince Rupert

Friday saw the reprise of Idle No More events to the Northwest, with marches in both Terrace and Prince Rupert on Friday evening.

The marches, like many in other parts of the country came following Friday's meetings between the Prime Minister and a number of Chiefs of the Assembly of First Nations, meetings which have proven controversial within the Assembly of First Nations itself, mainly for the fact that some of the Chiefs participated, while others urged a boycott of the talks.

A helpful review of the follow up to the national scene can be found below

As for the Northwest, the awareness raising actually began on Thursday in Moricetown, with an information session at that community's multiplex.

CFTK-- Moricetown Idle No More (video)

Friday saw a march of around 150 participants take place in Terrace, rolling from City Hall to the Sande overpass and then with a return to the City Hall.

Prince Rupert's Idle No More event again centred on the downtown area. Around 6:30 in the evening, the intersection of 2nd Avenue and 4th street became the main focus of attention as the gathering estimated at from 150-200 large formed a circle that covered all of the lanes of the city's main traffic thoroughfare. The gathering then retraced their steps down 2nd Avenue.

As has been common in the past, some of the day's events were relayed through social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Terrace's social media review came from CFTK's Kamil Karamali's twitter feed

While Twitter also featured some snapshots of the Prince Rupert march along 2nd Avenue, as CBC radio producer George Baker relayed a few offerings to his twitter feed.

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