Friday, January 18, 2013

Mother Nature turns on the tap again, all be it slowly.

Three months after all went cold in the wake of the Haida Gwaii quake of October, the water is warm and flowing to a fashion again at Haida Gwaii's Hotpsring Island.

The flow is not near the same volume as before and Parks Canada is not sure if the two hot pools on the Island will return to their previous levels that were once found there, but it is a start.

The signs are positive, compared to where they were less than a month ago, though Parks Canada explains that Hot water seeps were observed above the surface hear two of the hot pools, but below the high tide line.

Maybe, like a plumber working on a pipe in the kitchen, what was need was a sharp jolt to get a clog moving. The region recently felt the impact of the Southeast Alaska quake of earlier this month, as well as the aftershocks from it.

It could be that the sharp jolt opened up one of the conduits of hot water.

Though, perhaps we'll just wait for the scientists to provide us with a much more detailed (and most likely more correct explanation)

Regardless, it's a positive trend, hopefully the hot springs gain strength and temperature over the short term, returning a popular spot for exploration back to the state that it once was. Not to mention a certain species of bat that has a vested interested in the hot water pools.

More information on the Gwaii Haanas National Park can be found on the Parks Canada website.

The latest on the Haida Gwaii hot springs can be found below, our original review of the day the hot pools dried up can be found here.

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