Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Take it to the Dragons

Would be entrepreneurs of the Northwest will want to circle January 25th on their calendars and make plans for a trip to Prince George, that is if they wish to pitch their idea in front of a CBC Dragon's Den audition panel.

Open auditions for the next season of the program kick off this month and Prince Prince George is one of the first on the list and will be the closest that they get to the Northwest.

The Prince George auditions take place from 11 AM to 6 PM at the Prince George Civic Centre. They are open auditions and and all applicants must be able to propose their business plan in less than five minutes.

Should you find success, you will be invited to Toronto to make your submission to the Dragons in person, having successfully secured yourself a fifteen minute spot on the program.

You can also apply for the program on line and actually even those attending the open auditions in person, are asked to print out their on line application form for submission when they attend the Open Auditions.

For full information on the Dragon's Den auditions, you can check out the CBC's Frequently Asked Questions page.

You can also follow along with the progress of the Dragon's Den auditions through their twitter feed.

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