Tuesday, January 8, 2013

More aftershocks off southeast Alaska Tuesday

A pair of aftershocks from Saturday morning's Alaska earthquake have rumbled off the coast of Southeast Alaska on Tuesday, the latest with a report of a 4.7 magnitude seismic event taking place at 10:45 AM. (BC Time). It was originally reported as a 5.5 magnitude quake, but downgraded after further review.

It marks the latest in seismic activity since Saturday's quake, felt in Prince Rupert and leading to a tsunami warning for the North Coast, an event which we followed with interest from our blog as events moved forward that night.

A previous after shock registering at 4.0 took place earlier today at 6:43 AM BC Time

Further aftershocks are expected, some more sizeable ones are listed below.

January 8 -- 8:12 PM (BC Time) 4.7 
January 9-- 6:47 AM (BC Time) 3.9 
January 12-- 8:00 AM (BC Time) 3.5
January 14-- 8:00 AM (BC Time) 5.4

You can review past seismic activity along the Pacific coast from our archive page.

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