Friday, January 11, 2013

Joanna Larson leading the endorsement parade in North Coast NDP Race

As we head towards of the home stretch of the race to replace outgoing NDP MLA Gary Coons in the NDP nomination race on the North Coast, it would seem that at this particular moment, Prince Rupert Teachers Association head Joanna Larson has become the perceived front runner in the contest with Prince Rupert City Councillor Jennifer Rice.

At least, that would be the impression if one were to use as a guideline, the number of NDP members on the North Coast willing to share their endorsement one way or the other.

With little in the way of public discussion (or coverage in the media for that matter) of late regarding the two candidates for the nomination and the opportunity to run in the upcoming spring election, we're left to divine the two candidates platforms and their fate mainly from the activity on their web pages and twitter feeds.

Jennifer Rice
Joanna Larson

All of which doesn't really give us much to work with as to what they might like to see done in the riding, or what they may take to Victoria to represent us, if successful in the spring election.

The lack of media attention to the nomination process hasn't really provided us with more than generalities as well, other than the introduction to the candidates upon the announcements of their candidacies, the nomination run has take place more or less under the radar.

And while Councillor Jennifer Rice seems to be matching her opponent in public appearances and such around the vast North Coast riding.

When it comes to the admittedly rather unscientific review of endorsements, it would seem that as we move towards the final weeks of the nomination process, at the moment Ms. Larson is building up a larger body of support and building it from the usual quarters.

Not surprisingly we guess, much of Councillor Rice's support seems to be among the environmental supporters in the region, while as might be expected, most of the support for Ms. Larson seems to be coming from the North Coast's labour movement, including a shout out from a prominent local NDPer and past city councillor.

The list thus far of official endorsements, as listed on the candidates web pages can be found below.

Jennifer Rice

Jaunita Parnell
Jess Housty
Nelson Kinney
Pat Murray
Kevin Newton
Leslie Rowlands
Lee Brain

A look at what they have to say about their prefferred candidate can be found here.

Joanna Larson

Joy Thorkelson
Gabriel Bureau
Arnie Bellis
Reagan Sawka
Arnie Nagy
David Chudnovsky
Emily Mieczko
Janet Beil
Paul Kennedy

The impressions of the supporters of Ms. Larson can be found here.

There is of course, still time for the battle for hearts and minds of local NDP members, though if the usual lines of support that seem in place continue to grow, the start of any eventual path to Victoria might soon become a little harder to climb for the City Councillor.

You can look back at some of the past items of note on North Coast issues from our At the Legislature archive.

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  1. Thanks for doing this. With an MSM (and just not locally) that doesn't appear to doing its full investigative job, the next election will be very much influenced by bloggers, yourself included, keeping us informed.