Thursday, January 24, 2013

A bit more attention to City council's workings for the New Year

It seems that the arrival of the New Year (and the arrival of an additional reporter) has provided for a sudden burst of coverage of Prince Rupert City Council in the local newspaper.

The most recent paper version of the local publication (the online portal doesn't have quite the same volume of articles) provided a fairly extensive review of the last council session of January 14, a rather busy affair as we noted on the blog last week.

Wednesday's home delivery provided for four items directly related to the City Council meeting and another  couple of items that have been the topic of frequent discussion around Council chambers in the past year.

The items of note from Wednesday's paper included:

A review of the wolf shootings by the RCMP over the last month (pages 1 and 2)

The denial of funding for a desired return visit of the Air Force aerobatics squadron the Snowbirds (page 4)

The review of the city's approach to earthquake and tsunami preparedness (page 14)

And a briefing of a number of items from Councils agenda last week (page 17)

As well, there was the review of the announcement last week of the reduction in service ahead for Greyhound service to the city (page 3) and the update on the Cruise season ahead (pages 1 and 3)

Some of those items were posted to the paper's website as they happened, the majority however, seem to be limited to the print edition, which came out yesterday.

And while, owing to the publication schedule of the paper, the items do have about a ten day delay now, hopefully, Rupertites had an opportunity to glance at their paper to catch up on the council review.

One of the key concerns of local residents since the demise of the Daily News has been a shortage of lengthy examinations of the deliberations of the local government. Something that the majority of the reporters that once worked for the Daily handled very well.

With the surge of articles of the last print edition, the weekly is offering up a bit more information on Council's work. A focus we hope continues on into 2013.

For those that may have already sent their paper version off to the recycling bin, the Northern View does have an archive of each weekly e-edition of the paper delivered to Prince Rupert homes, you can find the January 23rd edition here.

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