Thursday, January 10, 2013

CN seeks to expand rail presence into US

Another glimpse into the marketing of a port and a railroad, this time as the Journal of Commerce gets the rundown on some plans from Canadian National Railways to market its rail services out of Vancouver and Prince Rupert.

As part of their series from a recent transportation conference in Ontario, the Journal of Commerce examined a number of transportation issues and in this instance the supply chain flow of containers from shipper to final destination.

In a video interview with Journal of Commerce reporter Jennifer Stevens, CN's Executive Vice President and CEO, Jean-Jacques Ruest and Sales Director of International Intermodal, JC Chartrand explain the CN concept of the "full journey of the container" and the importance of building partnerships across North America and beyond.

CN explained the contingency plans that they have place to ensure smooth delivery of containers from whatever port they arrive at. They also outlined some of their future plans for refrigerated service for Trans Pacific Trade through Vancouver and Prince Rupert.

As well as expansion plans for the Indianapolis and Detroit gateways into the US and how they plan to attract larger ships to Canadian ports.

You can view the interview here.

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