Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Youth Soccer Registration starts Saturday

Our mild and relatively snow free winter (so far), has many thinking ahead to spring activities and one rite of passage in Prince Rupert for youth, is the start of the soccer season which normally runs from late April through to the end of June.

The 2013 season is on the way and the first of three opportunities for parents to enrol their children with the Prince Rupert Youth Soccer Association takes place this Saturday.

The registration for the 2013 soccer season will get underway at the Prince Rupert Civic Centre on Saturday, January 26th from Noon until 3 PM.

Those taking advantage of the first registration day will be able to access the lowest of the Association's registration fees, Saturday's fee will be 70 dollars per child.

The second registration day will come on Saturday, February 2nd, at which time the registration fee increases by ten dollars to 80 dollars per child.

The final opportunity to register for the 2013 season will arrive on Saturday, March 2nd, taking place at the Children's Festival at the Civic Centre.

However, those that wait until March will need to dig a little deeper for their registration fee, the final registration session fees will be 110 dollars per child.

Registration is open to boys and girls born between 1994 and 2007.

There are discounted rates available to families that are registering more than one child.

Parents with old soccer cleats hanging around the house can gain an additional one time 5.00 discount on each registration, when they turn the cleats over to the Association, which will then resell them to those looking for soccer cleats at the registration sessions.

As it is with many volunteer run organizations in the city, the Prince Rupert Youth Soccer Association is always on the look out for volunteers to lend assistance whether through the administration of the league or at the coaching level.

You can find further information on Youth Soccer in Prince Rupert from  the PRYSA website.

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