Wednesday, January 2, 2013

BC Assessments mailings herald the New Year

One of the first things you may find in your mailbox in 2013 will be the yearly assessment of your property from BC Assessments.

In a press release issued today, the folks at BC Assessments advise that the 9,100 property owners of Prince Rupert and Port Edward will soon be reviewing their 2013 assessment, a process that this year will provide for a change of 3 to 7 percent on the upward side.

The overall assessment for Prince Rupert's rolls will increase to 1.316 billion this year, up from last years numbers of 1.307 million.

Port Edward will see an increase from 70.6 million of 2012 to 71.4 million for 2013.

The evaluations take into account such things as subdivisions, rezoning and new construction.

Commercial and Industrial property owners in Prince Rupert will see changes ranging from -5 percent to +5 percent. In Port Edward that range will be from -5 percent to -10 percent.

Those property owners that believe their assessment does not reflect the market value should contact the BC Assessments office in Terrace as soon as possible.

If after that discussion the property owners still has concerns, they may submit a Notice of Complaint by January 31st seeking an independent review by a Property Assessment Review Panel.

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