Monday, January 7, 2013

An earthquake that made news everywhere, but here it seems.

When the earth rumbled just west of Craig Alaska in the earliest of hours of Saturday morning, the information flow seemed rather slow to say the least.

Unlike the Haida Gwaii quake of Ocotber 27th which quickly generated news coverage across BC and the country for that matter, Saturday morning's quake didn't seem to capture the imagination quite the same way.

That despite the fact, that once again Prince Rupert was put under a tsunami watch.

As we outlined on the blog on Saturday morning, for the most part reports of the quake were light, with CFTK perhaps the best of the local presence with updates at least posted to their website (see link directly above from our blog for their coverage) as the morning moved forward and Prince Rupert Emergency responders once again put their emergency plans to the test.

As Monday heads into the evening hours, accounts of the earthquake seem to have missed the  Northern View's news portal, with nary a mention provided thus far, of Saturday mornings temblor and the local response to it.

Likewise, the CBC Daybreak North website has a review of the Saturday earthquake, and then examines events on Haida Gwaii where residents are still feeling the after affects of the October quake.

And while perhaps it just gets a Huh? What? from some of the local media, the Saturday shuffle from Craig has resonated with the media in Prince George.

Prince George Citizen-- Alaska quake sparks tsunami warning
Opinion 250-- Large Earthquake off Southern Alaska Overnight
CBC-- Dealing with PTSD after the Haida Gwaii earthquakes
QCI Observer-- Islanders prudent to seek higher ground: seismologist

In particular, an editorial in the Prince George Citizen offers up some thoughts on the impact of a major quake on the North Coast (all be it in the prism of the impact it may have on Prince George).

Our full review of some of the seismic developments on the West Coast can be found here.

CFTK-- Alaska Quake (video)
CFTK-- Tsunami Response (video)


The Northern View made first mention of Saturday's event in the print edition of their newspaper   from Wednesday, electronic imprint of which can found at left through their e edition.

(No mention of the earthquake seems to have found its way to their electronic portal thus far)

As well as the front page report on Saturday's quake and subsequent tsunami warning, there  is an offering on the editorial page (Page 6) on the theme of emergency sirens for the city and how perhaps they may cause more of a panic rather than provide a warning

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