Monday, January 7, 2013

Norovirus and Flu reports start to dot the Northern Health map

One thing is certain about the Winter months, at sometime over the course of January to April, the flu and other seasonal related illnesses are going to arrive and for Northern Health the reports are starting to increase.

Dr. David Bowering of Northern Health outlined the scope of the reports arriving thus far, with both the norovirus and influenza beginning to make their presence known across the region.

In an interview with CFTK TV, Dr Bowering highlighted the scope of the viruses affecting the region, with Prince Rupert apparently a hot spot at the moment for the norovirus, with one facility in the city having to cope with an outbreak.

Northern Health offers up a variety of tips on how to combat both influenza and the norovirus.

Accounts of the march of the seasonal bugs can be found below.

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