Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More than 250 aftershocks from Southeast Alaska quake

Alaskan Seismologists have been keeping busy through the month, tracking the growing volume of aftershocks that have rattled along the Southeast Alaska coast since the January 5th earthquake.

In the last month, the 7.5 magnitude earthquake has provided for over 250 aftershocks, 20 of them registering above 4.0 magnitude, the more noticeable mark of the post quake temblors.

The January 5th earthquake, was felt by some in the Prince Rupert region, but was noticeable more for the tsunami warning that was generated by the shifting of the plates of the Queen Charlotte fault line.

The reminder of the nature of living on a fault line made for much discussion locally over the last few months, spurred on by the Haida Gwaii quake of October and the reminder from Alaska of earlier this month.

January 16-- In event of an earthquake, grab your phone book
January 14-- 5.5 aftershock along the Southeast Alaska coast
January 8-- More aftershocks off southeast Alaska Tuesday
January 7-- An earthquake that made news everywhere, but here it seems
January 5-- 7.5 magnitude Alaskan earthquake puts Prince Rupert under Tsunami Warning

Ketchikan's public radio station KRBD has this report on the nature of that quake, the subsequent aftershocks and some interesting history on the Queen Charlotte Fault line over the years.

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