Monday, October 27, 2014

A Prince Rupert salute to the fallen

A bouquet of flowers of remembrance
at Prince Rupert's Cenotaph on Sunday
In a week that brought horrific events in the nations Capital and from Quebec home to those across the country, in Prince Rupert a solitary bouquet of flowers signals that both Corporal Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Office Patrice Vincent, will not be forgotten by those on the North Coast.

A second service member was also attacked in the Quebec incident and is recovering from his injuries.

With the shock of such incidents still resonating across the country, the public took to local cenotaphs across the nation to show their respect.

Through last week and particularly on a sun drenched Sunday afternoon, residents of the city stopped by one by one, taking a short moment of reflection at the city's cenotaph,

Never lingering long, but standing in front of the column of remembrance to offer up a silent salute to the two Canadian soldiers murdered in the last seven days.

Prince Rupert's Cenotaph
Flag at half-staff in memoriam of
the slain Canadian soldiers last week 

Sometime in the period from Wednesday to Sunday, that one bouquet was delivered to the memorial.

It along with the Canadian flag at half staff, a stark reminder for those that have travelled by the city's memorial of the past, of the unfathomable events of last Monday and Wednesday.

Over the weekend details of a fund for the survivors of the two Canadian servicemen were released, you can learn more about that from this link.

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