Tuesday, October 28, 2014

MLA's Week, October 20-23, 2014

The Second week of the fall session of the British Columbia Legislature found North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice bringing up three items to Chamber, all of them as part of Tuesday's proceedings.

With concerns about Medical Transportation Costs on Haida Gwaii,  the clean up requirements of the Heiltsuk Nation regarding the Namu cannery site and a short answer to the issues of LNG from the Speech to the Throne.

From the six sessions of the Legislature in the House, or Committee work listed for the week of October 6-9, MLA Rice  appeared in the Index three times during the week.

On Tuesday, Ms. Rice spoke in the Morning session regarding the cost of Medical Transportation for Residents of Haida Gwaii.

She also spoke that morning, on the issue of remediation of the Namu Cannery site, which the Heiltsuk Nation is seeking the assistance of the government on. Ms. Rice asked for the Government's help in forcing the responsible parties to clean up the mess and situation that currently exists at Namu.

Her final commentary in the Legislature for the week came as part of the Response to the Speech from the Throne portion of the proceedings in the afternoon session.

In the course of her ten minutes at the end of the day's session, MLA Rice highlighted the work of her staff both at her constituency offices and at the Legislature. She then offered up a number of observations on LNG development and read from an article in the Victoria Times-Colonist regarding some of the issues that Prince Rupert faces from LNG.

Her week in Victoria was short however, as on Wednesday Ms. Rice was in Prince Rupert for the CBC's LNG forum.

As for committee work, MLA Rice is a member of the Standing Committee on Children and Youth, that Committee met on Tuesday morning. Her contribution to that committee can be reviewed from the Committee webpage, she offers up commentary at 8:45 AM of the audio file provided.

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