Friday, October 24, 2014

Small Business week a conversation starter for Mayoralty Candidate Brain

Lee Brain, made good use of this week dedicated towards Small Business, as the candidate seeking the Mayors Chair in Prince Rupert, used the backdrop of the week to outline some of his plan for small business should he find success on November 15th.

Mr. Brain shared some thought on his program to provide civic support towards small business operations in the city, a core group that he believes is key to a a successful community.

Listed among some of his points on creating a better environment for the business community were:

Establishment of a Task Force and seek partnership with Community Groups to help small business with succession planning.

Review the small business tax structure and seek ways to stimulate growth.

Assess downtown revitalization strategies used in other communities and find solutions from them that might work for Prince Rupert.

While the candidate stresses the need for a new approach to the issue, a full review of what he would do if elected Mayor to address those issues, appears to still seems a little light in the detail department.

However, the introduction of the topic to the campaign flow is a welcome thing, considering the struggles that small business operators in the community face, it sets the stage for further discussion from both Mayoralty and Council candidates as we get closer to the November 15th election day.

Small Business week also provided Mr. Brain with a few more local names to add to his endorsement listings, as a number of small business owners offered up their support for his bid for Mayor.

Among the latest in the community that appear to be lending their name to Mr. Brain's campaign for Mayor are, Rupert Wood and Steel, The Argosy, Good Times Games and Electronics and Herby's Restaurant to name a few.

From Lee Brain's
Campaign Facebook page
From Lee Brain's
campaign Facebook page

You can review more on the candidates thoughts towards the small business sector from his website and Facebook page.

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