Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Great British Columbia Shake Out set to rattle and roll Tomorrow

October is clearly Preparedness month in BC, last week we were offered the opportunity to learn more about Fire Safety through Fire Prevention week.

And now as this week comes to a close, we will be practicing our Earthquake preparation plans.

The annual preparation for what many say is the inevitable will take place on Thursday, October 16th, as British Columbians take part in the Great British Columbia Shake Out, a practice drill of sorts as to how we all should react to a major earthquake in the province.

The Shake Out itself takes place at 10:16 AM, when schools, businesses and those at home practice their drop, cover and hold on procedures.

A helpful tutorial on that process and how to prepare for an earthquake can be found courtesy of the University of Victoria mascot Thunder...

Simon Fraser University also found the Great British Columbia Shake Out to be something worthy of a video presentation, with a retro production to spread the word on preparation.
The CBC got on board with the project as well, providing this review of Earthquake Smart 3, a tutorial as to what may one day come our way.

You can learn more about the Great British Columbia Shake Out from the website dedicated to the project. 

From that portal you can learn more about earthquakes, how to prepare for them and what to do after they strike.

As well, you can plan your own drill form home, school or work and register to participate in Thursday's Shake Out.

More information on what is ahead for tomorrow's project can be found from the Emergency Prep twitter feed and website.

Information specific to tomorrow's Preparation session can be found  on the Facebook page for the event or through the hashtag dedicated to #ShakeOutBC

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