Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Chamber of Commerce seeks your input on Election Forum topics

When the candidates for Council and the Mayoralty gather at the Lester Centre on November 4th for this year's election forum, some of the questions that they may be asked to answer could be framed by contributions from the public.

As part of their engagement in this year's election run up. The Prince Rupert Chamber of Commerce is seeking the guidance of the voting public as to what issues are most important for this year's election cycle.

A bit of community reach out that could provide us all with a snapshot of sorts, as to what the public believe the candidates should address this year. Towards that project they have put a short survey online to have residents rate some suggested issues, or if they wish to add some of their own.

Those that are inclined to help shape the Election Forum topics list can take part in the survey through a link on the Prince Rupert and District's twitter account, or Facebook page.

Our background on the upcoming Election forum can be found here.

You can follow more items of interest on the 2014 Municipal election campaign from our archive page.

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