Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tony Briglio outlines his collaborative approach to Civic Issues

For Mayoralty candidate Tony Briglio, the need to avoid what he calls a crisis management situation, something that he believes the city has been facing in recent years is key to the future for Prince Rupert.

That, along with a more collaborative approach in the community are some of the themes that Mr. Briglio introduced in his first burst of advertising for the 2014 election campaign on Wednesday.

In addition to the focus on the desire to be more helpful towards large and small businesses looking to locate in Prince Rupert, he also stressed his desire to build relationships both within the community, as well as on council.  While also taking a more unified approach with the region and various levels of government on the North Coast from Federal to Provincial and First Nations.

Addressing the city's crumbling infrastructure was another tick on the sheet for this campaign, with the candidate suggesting a restructuring of the city's finances to address those concerns.

With his past experience on the themes of health issues on the North Coast, he reviews how the best approach to dealing with those items regarding health, is through Council and with his bid for Mayor the chance to bring a strong voice on those issues from a Prince Rupert perspective.

Besides his renewing of acquaintances with the voters through his newspaper advertisement, he also has added slightly to his website presence.

With the latest contribution coming to the Endorsement section,  with some thoughts from Mike Morrison, who reviews some of the attributes that he believes Mr. Briglio would bring to the job of Mayor of Prince Rupert.

While the campaign still in its early stages, the content portion of the web portal for the candidate is still a little thin on policy and plans for the future.

However, with this weeks talking points now delivered, the foundation for the campaign ahead seems to be starting to form.

And with it, a glimpse into some of the topics that the challenger may be bringing to the incumbent, as the days to November 15th begin to count down.

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