Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blog Watching, Week ending October 26, 2014

Municipal politics and LNG developments provide for the topics for the bulk of the views to the blog over the last seven days.

Those twin themes over the week highlight the focus that the LNG industry is providing for many in the region including Prince Rupert City Council, while at the same at the relationship between the City and the Province provides for an interesting backdrop to the municipal election campaign.

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This week,  LNG issues dominated the news flow for the blog, with the CBC's LNG Forum providing for two of our top five items. On the local political scene, LNG took more some space, with word that the City of Prince Rupert has hired local Oceanographer Dr. Barb Faggetter to conduct an LNG study found a fair bit of interest.

Two other items that caught the eye of our readers this week, included our piece featuring a look at a missing city on Transportation Minister Todd Stones travel itinerary and the announcement of  a change at the top for one of the North Coasts LNG companies.

Kicking off this weeks review, the LNG story and how the CBC told it.

Daybreak North to host forum on LNG on Wednesday -- The preview of Wednesday's LNG Forum hosted by the CBC attracted the most readers this week (posted October 21, 2014)

That item was followed by:

Did Minister Stone lose his road map?  -- Our review of Transportation Minister Todd Stones recent stopover in Terrace and Kitimat proved to be a popular piece (posted October 21, 2014)

LNG Forum participants for the most part stayed within their comfort zones  -- Not surprisingly consider the interest in the preview of the LNG Forum, our review of what took place also found an interested audience (posted  October 24, 2014)

City hires local oceanographer to conduct LNG study --  While only posted on Friday, our notes from Monday's City Council session regarding a hiring by City Council rattled off a number looks through the short time it was up ( posted October 24, 2014 )

Executive shakeup at Pacific NorthWest LNG --  An interesting development for one of the more advanced of the LNG proposals for the North Coast, as Pacific NorthWest LNG announces the departure of their President Greg Kist (posted October 24, 2014)

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