Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blog Watching, week ending October 19, 2014

The last seven days have provided no lack of material for the blog, whether it involved developments in the Municipal Election campaign, a local theatre group seeking placement with the CBC development department, or a drama playing out off the shore of Haida Gwaii.

The weeks events came along pretty fast and found a fairly interested audience along the way.

Every Sunday we offer up a recap for the week of the top five items viewed over the course of the last seven days. Included in the countdown, we will provide links to the articles in question, offering up with one click of the mouse, those items of the week that you may have missed.

This week, the travels of the Russian ocean vessel Simushir dominated the attention from Friday on,  with large numbers returning to our archive page to learn the latest details of the work of the Canadian Coast Guard to render assistance to the ship off the British Columbia coast.

Not surprisingly, interest in our Weather alert of the week was next on the viewing list, followed by a fair amount of interest in the appearance of the city's Mayoralty candidates on the CBC program Daybreak North.

A quest for votes of a different type came up next on the scorecard, as readers sought out more information on the bid for a Wild Card spot by the Digby Towers troupe as part of CBC's Comedy Coup.

And the election theme continued to the final position on the top five with interest in our item on the upcoming All Candidates Forum in Prince Rupert.

Kicking off this weeks review the dramatic story of the Ocean Vessel Simshuir.

Storm Conditions leave container vessel powerless and adrift off Haida Gwaii -- Following the events off the coast of Haida Gwaii provided for a surge of viewers into the weekend (posted October 17, 2014)

That item was followed by:

Weather Alerts in effect for Haida Gwaii and the North Coast  -- Weather was on the mind of our readers as they quickly clicked on our weather alert item to learn more about the approaching weather system of the week (posted October 16, 2014)

Daybreak North puts the talk into Election Talking Points  -- Our look at how the Prince Rupert Mayoralty candidates approached their interviews with the CBC  program Daybreak North attracted a number of readers (posted  October 16, 2014)

Digby Towers seeks out "Wild Card" berth in CBC Comedy Coup --  If the attention directed towards are item on the local theatre groups bid for CBC glory turns into votes, the prospect of a Wild Card entry would seem good ( posted October 15, 2014 )

Prince Rupert All Candidates Forum set for November 4th --  Our heads up notice of plans for the All Candidates Forum to take place at the Lester Centre wraps up the top five with a healthy number of views (posted October 17, 2014)

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