Thursday, October 16, 2014

Barry Cunningham to stress Port and Housing as campaign issues

The start of the message making has begun for the 2014 Municipal Election campaign, as those candidates who prefer the old ways of print over the new of the Internet, take to the pages of the weekly paper to try and position themselves in this years election cycle.

The first of the incumbent candidates made his case for re-election yesterday, as Barry Cunningham found some ad space in the paper to deliver his themes of continuing to improve relations with the Port and our Northwest neighbours.

A topic that he has addressed a few times since he took his seat in last years by-election.

In particular, the Port relationship has been a major talking point of the councillor, with what at times was a soft and hard approach, the softer version on those occasions where he and the Port representatives would meet for what were called good discussions.

The hard approach would arrive when his frustrations would seem to get the better of him over port related topics, the flash point on most of those the issues related to the Pinnacle Pellet terminal on the west side of the city, as well as his impressions as to how "the Port continues to get richer, while the city gets poorer."

A few of those Port related talking points can be found below

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Pinnacle Pellet reps to Update Council regarding ongoing issues on June 9th
Council to call on Pinnacle Pellet to address community concerns on West side of city
The 1.2 per cent solution?
Thanks for the payment, now about that water front access...

The other mission statement for his advertising debut, was the seemingly common theme of Council this year of the housing situation in the city.

With Mr. Cunningham stating his desire to see more affordable housing in the community.

You can review the full Council approach to Housing from our archive page on the topic here.

Unlike those council hopefuls that make use of their websites and social media sites, the old school nature of the  3 x 6 ad doesn't really allow for much expansion on those themes close to the candidates heart. And it is delivered on the Wednesday schedule of the weekly paper and perhaps a chance in their Friday shopping flyer wrap over.

Good news for the ad department at the paper we guess, as a number of repeats may be required to fully deliver the talking points for the Cunningham campaign towards November 15th.

For those wishing to research more of Council's work over the previous few years, our Archive page on Council developments provides a good primer on some of the key issues over the term of the current City Council.

As for the current campaign for Council, you can review our previous items on this years Municipal election efforts from our archive page here.

Our listings of the candidates and their on line access points can be reviewed here.

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