Monday, October 20, 2014

Cash Mob looks for a few good bargains at Eddie's News

Cash Mob outside Eddie's news on Saturday
photo from Rupert Reigns Facebook page
Prince Rupert's popular newspaper, book and magazine emporium Eddie's News found a sudden rush of customers on Saturday morning, as the 2nd Avenue fixture was selected as the Cash Mob Target for the weekend shopping expedition.

Shortly after 11 AM Saturday, a happy band of Mobsters made the trek from the Community Futures Office on 3rd Avenue down the hill Eddie's Second Avenue location.

The store which is a daily stop for many in the City, saw the friendly band of shoppers arrive to check out the wide range of reading material and other items available in the store.

Some perhaps purchasing a few magazines, placing an order for a book that they've heard about, or just testing their luck with a lottery ticket or two.

The Cash Mob project is quickly proving to be one of the more talked about initiatives from Community Futures and the Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce.

Taking its cue from the public, nominations for a Cash Mob target are accepted in the weeks leading up to the Cash Mob date, though the actual day to descend on the selected business is kept a secret right up until it's time to spend.

All that is asked of those that participate is that they bring 20 dollars with them to spend at the selected store.

Since the Cash Mob experience first arrived in Prince Rupert, participants have taken their spending power to such locations as the Ice House Gallery as well as the Argosy Gallery.

The Rupert Reigns Facebook page offers up a short review of Saturday's shopping spree.

Some of our past items about the introduction of the Cash Mob to the city cane be found on our archive page dedicated to developments in Prince Rupert's Commercial Sector.

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