Thursday, October 30, 2014

Harbour Debris Society puts a wrap on extensive harbour clean up project

On Wednesday, the Prince Rupert Harbour Debris society heralded the successful completion of an extensive harbour clean up campaign, the third such community effort to take place since 2011.

Through the year, debris including such items as logs, untreated wooden docks, float and derelict fishing vessels to name a few of the items collected, are transported to a specially designated spot at Osborne Cove on the north end of Tuck Inlet, where once the levels collected reach a designated level  the debris is burned by Wainwright Marine Services.

Gary Paulson,  the President of the non profit group outlines the scope of that work over the previous two years: “In the two years since our last successful sanctioned burn, the amount of debris in the harbour has been manageable, and the Prince Rupert Port Authority patrol vessel has handled most debris delivery and storage at the site,”

Through the rest of this week, weather permitting, some 200 cubic metres of debris will be disposed of at the Tuck Inlet Burn site.

Incorporated in 1983 with the goal of controlling and reducing the dangers to navigation caused by the debris, as well as to promote safe use of Prince Rupert Harbour.

As the number of vessel movements through the Port of Prince Rupert increase through the years to come, the familiar site of the billowing smoke off in the distance up Tuck Inlet will continue to highlight the work of the volunteers of the Harbour Debris Society.

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