Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Platforms, Platforms, Platforms

And they're off and running, with Friday's deadline delivering no new names for consideration, Prince Rupert's Mayoralty and Council races were set.

With four candidates:  Incumbent Mayor Jack Mussallem and three challengers, Lee Brain, Tony Briglio and Sheila Gordon-Payne all looking to collect the most votes to become Mayor of Prince Rupert come November 15th.

On Council, all but Councillor Judy Carlick-Pearson will seek a return to Council chamber, with Ms. Carlick-Pearson seemingly shifting her focus towards a bid for School District office this time around.

She leaves Councillors Anna Ashley, Barry Cunningham, Gina Garon, Nelson Kinney and Joy Thorkelson to seek to keep that old gang together, with four challengers looking to rearrange some of that seating plan as Blair Mirau, Wade Niesh, Ray Pedersen and Gurvinder Randhawa look to take office in November.

With the list of names now complete, the various candidates are rolling out their platform options looking to sway votes with their thoughts on how to best govern Prince Rupert.

In the Mayoralty race, three of the four have created websites,

Lee Brain

Among the features of Lee Brain's campaign thus far has been the concept of asking Prince Rupert's residents to re-think Prince Rupert.

With his platform for the 2014 campaign he is seeking  more cohesive council meetings more focused on the city's jurisdiction and mandate. Expanding the current tax base to ease the burden on residents and businesses  and improve participation and communication with everyday residents.

As well  he looks to engage First Nations as partners in economic and community initiatives and developing a Triple Bottom Line approach to municipal government, seeking standards of financial, social and environmental returns.

The full outline can be found on Mr. Brain's website

Tony Briglio

Mr. Briglio is offering up the positioning statement of a Healthy community.

His focus points are on promises. Seeking collaborative solutions to benefit the community, seeking a strong voice for Prince Rupert and outlying areas at Regional, Provincial, National and International levels. He promises to run an open and transparent government, to make himself available to the media on a regular basis and to maintain the trust of the public.

You can review his full website and its offerings here

Sheila Gordon Payne 

Ms. Gordon-Payne is seeking to work for success, outlining a string of ideas on moving Prince Rupert ahead. With a desire to land the jobs and investment that we need to improve the community.

Among them, a focus on responsibilities of the City on streets, sewers, sidewalks and planning as well as the need to rebuild the tax base and relationships with key partners. She is also looking to provide a better quality of life for the City's residents.

Her website can be viewed here

Jack Mussallem

The Mayor thus far has limited his campaign material to newspaper advertising and large billboards along city streets, with a number of ads of late summer striking a theme of responsibility and experience as his featured points.

His most recent advertising effort stressed his length of service and personal qualities as the main thrust of his bid for re-election.

See our item from September 4th for a sample of his approach to the campaign thus far.

On Council, the only incumbent to make use of a website for sharing ideas

With Councillor Anna Ashley, re-engaging the public through her website. Ms. Ashley has seemingly shifted from her main focus of previous campaigns of transparency and accountability, with most of her material to this point sharing her thoughts on the prospect of hyper economic expansion and infrastructure deficit.

Ms. Ashley also reviews some of the past work of Council in challenging times and offers up some insight into how she has approached her duties over the last two terms.

You can review some of those points from her website here

Blair Mirau

As we've outlined over the course of the last month, Mr. Mirau has in the early phase of this campaign been the most prolific contributor to his website and other social media options, providing a range of discussion points, Question and Answer sessions and video presentations to share his talking points.

He has identified three key priorities for the campaign, Enhancing Accountability, Increasing Efficiency and Planning for Prosperity.

The full range of items from his campaign can be found on his website here

Ray Pedersen

A newcomer to the Prince Rupert political scene, Mr, Pedersen rounds out the candidates most inclined to use Internet options, with his website that introduces himself to the community and provides a number of his topics for consideration in this election year.

Among his topics of engagement for the public; developing Prince Rupert's port and related economy, increase the number of high paying jobs in the community and embracing a triple bottom line social, economic and environmental stewardship. He also suggests the a green energy venture fund to invest in green energy innovations.

The full overview on his campaign can be found from his website here.

You can find listings of all the candidates and their range of websites and other social media options  on our Candidates Listings page.

Should other candidates join in on the technological revolution for this campaign we'll add their efforts as we become aware of them.

For a review of the items of interest from the campaign to date, see our Campaign Archive page here.

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