Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Digby Towers seeks out "Wild Card" berth in CBC comedy coup

While Digby Towers may have missed the first cut of the top 110 for the CBC's Comedy Coup competition, the quest for the spotlight of the Mother Corporation's national comedy theatre company search continues on.

The local  troupe that have brought us Digby Towers are pressing on undaunted, as they seek out a berth among the competing proposals, turning their attention (and seeking our votes) in the "Wild Card" entry to the competition.

The Comedy Coup rules and regulations outlines the process ahead for projects such as Digby Towers as they look to move their work forward in the Comedy Coup project.

What Are Wildcards? ComedyCoup reserves the right to consider any project for wildcard advancement, regardless of its performance indicators and voting results. 

If ComedyCoup wants to advance a project as a wildcard, the eligible project(s) with the lowest combined performance indicators and voting results will be eliminated in place of the wildcard project(s). 

 Top 50 gateway: up to 10 wildcards may be advanced in lieu of the Top 41 through Top 50. Top 15 gateway: up to 5 wildcards may be advanced in lieu of the Top 11 through Top 15 

If a project misses the Top 110 or Top 50 cut, it can continue submitting content to its project on the website to be considered for wildcard advancement.

The local theatre group made a pair of pleas for local (and wider) support for the project, through their Facebook page. (see videos here)

They also provided this address to the Digby Towers believers, making their pitch through their  latest video posted to the Comedy Coup website.

The Comedy Coup balloting continues on the CBC site, those that wish to lend a hand need to create an account, rate the Digby Towers project and add comments as well.

The Digby Towers project page at Comedy Coup can be viewed here.

More on their efforts can be found on their Facebook page or twitter feed

You can learn more about the Digby Towers project from our original item of earlier this month.

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