Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pacific NorthWest LNG redesign doesn't mollify project opponents

Design change to
Lelu Island LNG Terminal
With new drawings to look over and an extension to the review period in hand, Pacific NorthWest LNG outlined their latest updates to the proposed LNG terminal at Lelu Island, with the revised design featuring a suspension bridge to avoid impact on areas of concern that have been outlined in recent months.

And while those inside the Open House of last week were suitably impressed with re-design and commitment to engage the community concerns over some of the technical aspects of the project.

For, a small protest  group taking root outside the Third Avenue West offices of Pacific NorthWest LNG last week during their open house, it would seem that their latest redesign is not quite what those that oppose the project are looking for.

For groups such as BCLNGinfo, the location of the PacificNorthWest LNG project is simply in their mind, positioned in the wrong place, with that group recently urging its followers to attend the dual open houses of Port Edward and Prince Rupert to ask questions and make their concerns known.

They recently launched their own online petition to "Save Lelu Island" to move forward their case to stop the development of the Terminal in that location.

The focus of course on the project for many others in the community will shift as we get closer to the end of October, with Petronas, the Malaysian owned parent company of Pacific NorthWest having put the province and federal government on notice.

By October 31st, Petronas is looking for a firm blue print from both Christy Clark's Liberal government on the theme of the tax regime facing LNG development in the province. Previously Petronas had outlined its desire to see more engagement from the Federal Government on the twin themes of incentives and the nature of the regulatory process that these large scale projects require.

If the answers to those issues are not resolved by the end of the month, the prospect of delays to the proposed project could be significant.

Some of that foreshadowing can be reviewed below:

Petronas puts Federal and Provincial governments on the clock on Lelu Island project
Petronas threatens to pull out of Pacific NorthWest LNG project
Petronas NorthWest LNG receives 45 day extension to Environmental Assessment Review Period

It's through that narrative, that the latest delivery of information on Lelu Island can be considered. Making the latest changes to the Pacific Northwest Terminal design, the thing of dusty office shelves of projects that were once under consideration for the North Coast.

The full review of the changes to the Lelu Island site can be examined through a household mailer that was delivered last week to homes across the North Coast.

If you missed that in the mail, we have a reproduction of the information sheet below:

Page One
Page Two

Page Three

Page Four

For more items related to the PacificNorthWest LNG project see our archive page here.

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