Friday, October 17, 2014

While LNG plans for Prince Rupert in the future, a company looking to service the industry sets up in Terrace now

With the Northwest now the focus of much of the province's plans for LNG development, Terrace it would seem is gaining some of the early interest for companies looking to service that industrial sector.

While the LNG Industry Terminal plans all feature destinations of Prince Rupert and to a lesser degree Kitimat, Swift Worldwide Resources, a company which provides the workforce for the large scale industrial projects has chosen to operate their Northwest office out of Terrace.

The company made its announcement yesterday, with offices located at 4650 Lazelle Avenue in Terrace. Highlighting that location as strategically placed to staff permanent and contract positions for pipeline requirements, engineering services and safety operations for both Kitimat, Prince Rupert and the surrounding region.

Heading up the regional branch as Regional Manager will be Katja Lenihan, who is relocating from Perth, Australia to Terrace to operate Swift's Northwest operations.

You can learn more about what Swift is all about from their website, which features a broad overview of what the company is all about, where it operates world wide and what experience it brings to the LNG industry for the Northwest.

As well, a good snapshot as to what Swift Worldwide Resources is all about can be reviewed from this brochure.

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