Monday, October 20, 2014

Northwest BC Resource Benefits Alliance to make presentation to Council tonight

A growing coalition of Northwest communities have banded together to seek common ground on the issues related to increased economic growth in the region and tonight, officials from the Northwest BC Resource Benefits Alliance will share their work so far with Prince Rupert Council.

Dr. Bruce Bidgood and Mr. Andrew Webber will provide the outline for Council members, bringing the Prince Rupert audience up to speed on the course that the Northwest Alliance has charted since it was formed in July.

Explaining how they hope to bring a collective approach to the large issues of Resource development in the region and accessing the benefits from that development.

The topic of the Northwest Alliance first came up on the radar of Council in mid September, as Mayor Jack Mussallem provided a bit of a thumbnail sketch of the project and what benefits Prince Rupert might find as part of the partnership.

The concept of the Northwest Alliance was recently introduced into the current Municipal election campaign by Council candidate Blair Mirau, who urged council to move quickly to secure a place at the table with the other communities of the Northwest.

Those on the Council and those viewing at home, will get a full overview this evening as the two representatives of the Alliance provide some background on their work thus far and perhaps even how it may prove to be an opportunity for Prince Rupert.

You can review a bit more on what the Alliance is all about from this media release.

Further background on the project can be found below.

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For more information on what's planned for tonight's Council meeting see our Preview page here, for more background on Discussion points from Prince Rupert Council see our archive page here.

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