Wednesday, October 15, 2014

MLA's week, October 6-9, 2014

All in all, it appears that last week was a fairly quiet week for North Coast MLA Rice in Victoria.

The first week of the fall session was filled with the pomp and ceremony of the Speech from the Throne, the thrust and parry of the opening Question period and a fair amount of focus on the latest twists and turns in the LNG story.

And for the most part, it appears that the week was to be handed off to the heavy hitters for both the Liberals and the NDP, as high profile opposition members and Cabinet Ministers exchanged their words in the Legislature through to Thursday.

Of note for the Northwest, was the contribution of Skeena MLA Robin Austin, who last Wednesday offered up thoughts on the Speech from the Throne and outlined some background information to the Legislature on the current housing situations of Kitimat and Terrace.  As well, Mr. Austin followed up on a number  of observations regarding LNG development in the region.

All of that time allocated to the higher profile NDP MLA's, seemingly left little time for North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice to stake out any space on the Legislature Floor, with a quick scan of the Legislature dailies showing no contributions to the discussions of the first week of the back to work sessions.

From the six sessions of the Legislature in the House, or Committee work listed for the week of October 6-9, MLA Rice did not appear in the index for any of the events of week one of the fall session.

As for committee work, MLA Rice is a member of the Standing Committee on Children and Youth, that Committee however had no meetings taking place for the week in question.

The Legislature takes a break through the week of October 13-16, resuming its session on Monday October 20th.

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