Thursday, January 22, 2015

After Pitt Meadows weekend, Rainmakers Drop to fifth in Provincial rankings

The spotlight of one of Vancouver's major Basketball tournaments gave those making the selections for the Provincial rankings some things to think about over the last few days, and  in the wake of some tough losses over the weekend, the Charles Hays Rainmakers were dropped one notch in the rankings for this week.

The Rainmakers who tipped off against some top flight competition at both AAA and AAAA levels in Pitt Meadows now hold down fifth place in the listings as delivered by the Province newspaper last night.  

One of the teams that benefited from a victory over the Rainmakers this weekend, was Sir Charles Tupper a AAA team which found that its success at the Air Show pushed them to the number two spot this week.

A number of the other teams involved in the weekend can be found in the Province's AAAA rankings for the week, an indication as to the talent levels that the CHSS squad were squaring off against last weekend.

A chance for the Rainmakers to send notice to the rankings panel starts tomorrow, as the Rainmakers looki to improve their placement in the top ten with some weekend basketball at the Charles Hays Gym

The Senior Boys will return to the court with three teams arriving in town for some high temp basketball in the city this weekend.

The two day showcase features Terrace, Haida Gwaii and Smithers in town, with Rainmakers games scheduled for Friday at 7 PM, and 10 AM and 2:30 PM on Saturday.

Admission is 4 dollars for Adults, 1 dollar for Students.

The Senior Girls are on the road to Hazelton.

You can keep up on Rainmaker Sports from the CHSS Twitter feed.

For a look at some of our past items on Charles Hays sports see our archive page here.

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