Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blog Watching, week ending January 25, 2015

Cross border developments surrounding the now cancelled renovation project for the Alaska Marine Terminal dominated much of our news flow this week, with many of our items related to the situation finding a large audience.

Two of our items on the AMHS Terminal were among the top five listings this week, as North Coast residents took much interest in the fast moving events that were related to that project.

Other items that also found some traction this week included interest in a new video presentation from Pacific NorthWest LNG, the plans from West Jet to expand its service to the Terrace airport and our snapshot of Council developments after six weeks in office.

Leading it all off this week however, the view from one particular Alaska news service, which has its own solution for the Governor to consider.

Alaska Newspaper editorial calls for the end of Alaska Marine Highway Service to Prince Rupert  -- The Juneau Empire offers up a solution that would be the worst case scenario for Prince Rupert Tourism officials  (posted January 22, 2015)

That item was followed by:

Pacific NorthWest LNG puts you at the helm of an LNG ship  -- With their recent Open Houses on the latest LNG developments a success, Pacific NorthWest LNG provides an audio visual presentation on what LNG arrivals and departures at Lelu Island might look like (posted January 20, 2015)

State of Alaska cancels AMHS Terminal renovation project  --  The State of Alaska cancelled the bidding process for its Terminal renovation project, suggesting the cancellation is a temporary thing until the dispute over Buy America can be worked out  (posted  January 21, 2015)

West Jet keeps pace with Air Canada by offering Terrace - Calgary flights staring in May  -- Another major announcement for the Terrace airport, as West Jet introduces a new destination for the Northwest ( posted January 19, 2015)

A rough launch for the new Council  -- The learning curve for Prince Rupert's new City Council is proving to be a sharp one, with the first few weeks providing for a few mis-steps in issues of procedure and transparency  ( posted  January 20, 2015 )

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