Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Prince Rupert RCMP issue Wolf Warning

An increase in contact between residents of Prince Rupert and wolves in the area has led to the RCMP issuing a public warning on Tuesday afternoon.

The Prince Rupert RCMP took to its twitter feed and website on Tuesday to issue a Wolf Warning to the public, a step deemed necessary after receiving 14 related calls for service regarding Wolf sightings in the last month.

"Currently we have met with conservation officers and are developing a strategy to deal with these issues... Although wolves may seem intimidating in most circumstances they are more afraid of you, however there are some simple precautions that community members can take to deter wolves from urban areas. -- Constable Matt Ericson, spokesman for the Prince Rupert RCMP Detachment

The RCMP did not specify if the wolf sightings were limited to one section, or if the reports of wolf activity were spread across the city. The RCMP and Conservation Office are currently discussing the best approach to take to deal with the situation.

To go with the general warning to the public, the RCMP also provided some options for local residents when it comes to engagement with wolves in the community among those recommendations.

Remove all potential food sources from outdoor areas (such as garbage)

Thoroughly clean areas where game may have been quartered

Supervise young children when out playing or walking

Do no leave small pets unattended in outdoor areas

Should the public encounter a wolf the RCMP also recommend the following actions:

Do not run

Stay Calm

Back away slowly while facing the animal

Leave the wolf a way to escape

Pick up small children without bending down

Raise your voice and speak firmly

If the wolf approaches or acts aggressively, wave your arms and make yourself look as large a possible

Shout, make noise and throw any available objects.

In the unlikely event that the wolf attacks, you should fight back. Remain standing and use rocks, sticks, tools and your hands to keep off the animal,  as well you those facing a wolf attack should  keep the animal away from your neck and head area.

If anyone in the community should see wolves in the urban are of the city, or observe them being aggressive they are to contact the RCMP immediately at 250-624-0700 or Contact the BC Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277.

More information on how to deal with interactions with wildlife can be found from the BC Conservation Service website.

You can review the full Warning from the RCMP website, for updates on the situation follow that page or through the Prince Rupert detachment twitter feed.

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