Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Northwest residents look to make Shames Mountain a Ski Destination

Now that ski season is finally underway, ski enthusiasts of the region are looking to spread the word about the Northwest's ski destination of Shames Mountain.

To capitalize on some of the recent reviews of the Shames Mountain experience, Hawk Air,  Kermodei Tourism, Northern Tourism and Shames Mountain are all working together to offer up Destination packages for those from outside the Northwest who may want to give the powder of Shames a run.

Hawk Air gave the promotion a little extra push recently, providing some background on it through their twitter feed.

The Ski and Stay Terrace promotion features a video presentation which you can view from this Facebook item.

If you have friends or family away from the Northwest and want to introduce them to the Shames Mountain scene, more on the Ski and Stay packages can be found here.

For more items about Shames Mountain, see our archive page here.

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