Monday, January 19, 2015

Public Comments on Tuck Inlet LNG project now being accepted by CEAA

As part of the process of environmental review for the WCC LNG project proposed for Tuck Inlet, the CEAA has issued a notice that Public Comments are now being accepted and collected regarding the Exxon/Mobil terminal proposal.

The information gathering process is part of a review of the proposed project that the CEAA is considering.

The public comment period marks a major portion of the public engagement before the Federal Government decides if the substitution environmental assessment process will be turned over to the B. C. Environmental Assessment office for handling, as requested by the British Columbia government.

You can learn more on the background of that process from the CEAA Website here.

As well the addresses to deliver any comments regarding the project is provided on the website as well.

The deadline for comments is February 2nd, 2015.

Following the comment period, the CEAA will post a decision to its website, outlining whether an Environmental Assessment will be required for the WCC LNG project.

Documentation filed with the CEAA regarding the proposed LNG project for Tuck inlet can be reviewed here.

For some background on the proposed development see our archive page here.

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