Thursday, January 29, 2015

Prince Rupert RCMP warn residents about increase in theft incidents from vehicles

An increase in thefts from vehicles in the city has the Prince Rupert detachment of the RCMP advising residents to take preventative steps to protect their vehicles.

On Thursday, the RCMP outlined some background on the increase in thefts,  which have not been limited to any one area of the city.

Vehicles in question have either been left unlocked, or had their windows broken during the course of the criminal activity.

In the majority of the break ins, personal effects have been taken from the inside of the vehicles.

In a statement released on Thursday, Constable Matt Ericson from the RCMP outlined the approach that the local detachment is taking to address the issue.

"Currently the Prince Rupert RCMP has taken steps to assist in preventing additional theft ... We have stepped up patrols and have increased police visibility within the community."

In addition to those extra patrols, the RCMP is asking local residents to take measures of their own to reduce the risk of theft.

Among some of the suggestions:

Park in well-lit areas, near pedestrian traffic.

Remove possessions from your vehicle, such things as shopping bags, spare change, electronics and such.

Lock all vehicle doors

Keep your garage door opener out of sight.

More background on the local incidents as well as some information related to auto crime from ICBC can be found from this item from the Prince Rupert Detachment.

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