Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pacific NorthWest LNG puts you at the helm of an LNG ship

As part of their ongoing campaign to outline the various aspects of their proposed LNG terminal project, Pacific NorthWest LNG has taken to video to offer up the berthing procedures that will be used once LNG vessels begin to call on the Lelu Island facility, should the project move forward with a Final Investment Facility.

The animation presentation offers an overview of the terminal project and then focuses on the arrival and departure of the LNG ships, assisted by four tugs as it transits to and from the terminal docks.

Beyond the visual review of the process of docking and departure, the video also provides a look at the nature of the much discussed suspension bridge aspect of the development and how it is envisioned in relation to the environment of the area.

That was one of the key change to the design of the terminal, coming after consultations during the environmental review process of the project.

The Malaysian Energy giant Petronas, which is the major shareholder in Pacific NorthWest LNG is expected to announce its Final Investment plans sometime in the first half of this year.

More information  related to the Lelu Island project can be found on the Pacific NorthWest LNG Facebook page.

While our archive of items on the proposed Terminal development can be found here.

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