Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mayor Brain offers snapshot of first few weeks at the helm

Mayor Lee Brain from the
December 1st Council Session
Mayor Lee Brain took to his Facebook portal on Sunday to provide a bit of a review of developments since he took his oath of office in December, offering up a bit of personal background on the last month of work.

Making comment on the time constraints in recent weeks, as he juggles two jobs and seeks to address some of the core issues that the city faces.

He outlines a bit of a timeline when it comes to some of his goals of the election campaign and seeks a bit of patience from the public when it comes to the communication aspects of the job, while he attends to some of the more pressing issues of the moment.

Spring would appear to be when we will start to see some of the features of that election campaign come on stream.

In particular,  that appears to be when he hopes to launch the town halls, community engagement and more focused community sessions to deliver civic information to the public.

Towards some of the goals for the year ahead, he provides a short list as to what he hopes to achieve when it comes to communication and community engagement this year.

Regular Social Media Posts that include community events
Monthly Town Hall / Informal Community meetings
A monthly community newsletter / community update
Initiate an education series regarding some of the top topics such as Watson Island and Housing to name a few
Spell out a vision of our future with Council

As he tries to find the balance between his pre-election employment with the School District and his new duties as Mayor, Mr. Brain advises that his office hours while apparently a bit scattered at the moment, will become more established in the months to come.

He also provides an update to the public that he will be away from City Hall from January 13-23 attending to City business in Vancouver and Prince George.

The Facebook post of the weekend, would appear to be the format that he intends to continue with for the short term, making his personal portal the main focus for the moment of his social media engagement program.

You can review what it will a look like with Sunday's first post for 2015.

For items related to developments at Prince Rupert City Hall see our Council Discussion page here.

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