Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Province of British Columbia launches on line resource for Economic data

Sample map of projects
as listed in new BC Gov data base
A new resource to keep up to date on Economic developments across British Columbia is now available from the British Columbia Government.

On Friday, the new online application was launched, offering up to users a chance to explore the province and dig deep into many aspects of the provinces economy.

Data is divided into two categories Economic and Geographic and features a number of layers users can examine such items as Major Projects, Natural Gas and Oil development, Tourism, Mining, Forestry and Transportation to name a few.

And while it does take a bit of time to learn how to navigate the site (the right click will quickly become your best friend) once you get the hang of how to access the information it does provide a fairly good overview.

One tip, after you select the categories that you wish to explore and click on finish, you'll see a map with a number of icons, (here's where the right click is your friend) right click on one of the items your interested in for more options to explore.

You can learn more about the BC Economic Atlas here, while a more comprehensive User guide is available here.

Once you've studied up on the project, you can start your review here.

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