Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ketchikan neighbourhoods evacuated as a result of heavy rainfall of last two days

Flood waters raged through
Ketchikan on Wednesday
The Pacific Front that brought rain and wind to the North Coast of British Columbia has had a significantly larger impact on our neighbours to the north, as Ketchikan officials scrambled over the last few days to keep residents safe as flood waters ran through the city.

In addition to the volume of rain in the area in a short period of times, one of the main contributors to the problems was the arrival of a 19 foot tide that crested at the height of the storm,  resulting in swirling and fast moving water through portions of the city.

Power outages, flooded streets, overflowing creeks all combined to wreak a bit of havoc throughout the region, with some areas of the city evacuated as water levels continued to rise.

Flash Flood warnings were issued Wednesday afternoon, with the anticipation that the situation would diminish into Thursday.

The Ketchikan Daily News posted a video to YouTube to provide an example of what the community has faced over the last 48 hours.

More background and a video on the heavy rains and flooding can be found on the Alaska Public Media website here.

While updates on the situation are available from the KRBD website, with more background and video of the flooding available on the KRBD Facebook page

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