Monday, January 19, 2015

Air Canada looks to update Jazz fleet over the decade

The days of flying the Dash 8 and CRJ 200 jets may be on their way out for residents of the Northwest, as Air Canada makes plans to renew the fleet of planes that fly under the Jazz banner.

Though with those changes, may come a few questions as to the number of flights and the frequency of them when it comes to serving the region in the years to come.

With the terms of a recent 11 year contract agreement with Air Canada pilots now complete, but yet to be ratified, Chorus aviation which operates Jazz is turning its attention to the planes that criss cross around British Columbia and beyond.

The modernization of the fleet will see Jazz add 23 Dash 8 Q400 aircraft to replace 34 Dash 8 100 and 25 CRJ 200 aircraft,  which will in the end see Jazz reduce its fleet from 122 planes to a minimum of 101 by the end of 2020 and 86 by the end of 2025.

Those smaller planes for the most part, make up the bulk of the currently scheduled flights into the Northwest region. How the shift to larger capacity aircraft, but with a reduced inventory, might translate into flight scheduling and flight frequency to the Northwest remains to be outlined by Jazz officials.

Chorus aviation outlined the planned purchase timeline through a media release last week

You can learn more about the Q400 aircraft here from the Bomardier Q400 home page  and Q400 overview page

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