Monday, January 12, 2015

Northern Health listings reveal inspection reviews of local food establishments

For a city with as many eating establishments as what Prince Rupert boasts of, the reviews from the Public Health Protection branch offer up a fairly good impression for local residents.

With only six of those inspected over the last year or so, listed as a moderate hazard when it comes to ratings.

None of those surveyed in recent years were listed as High, with the remainder of the listings providing for Low ratings of concern when it comes the various items on the Northern Health checklist.

Overall Northern Health has three levels of rating when it comes to their Food Inspection program.

The listing of inspection dates from the review spans a number of years, with those receiving a low risk rating receiving less attention than those that may have had issues in the past .

As well it should be noted, that with such a broad timeline of inspections, some of the restaurants that are listed, may no longer even be in operation in the city.

The most recent inspection reports around Prince Rupert was delivered in December.

Venues inspected range from the major restaurants of the city, to such locations as the Prince Rupert Cinema, Civic Centre Canteen, Prince Rupert Hospital and soup kitchens, as well as for the local corner stores that offer up food to go.

You can review the full listings from the Northern Health inspections here.

Data available for review on the listings can be sorted by Hazard level, or by name.

For a more comprehensive review of Northern Health's findings for each establishment, click on the name of the restaurant and then on the inspection reports.

More on developments with Northern Health see our archive page here.

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