Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Northern Health provides City Council with an outline of its Healthy Communities Program

Monday night's Council session featured a presentation from Northern Health, as Sheila Gordon-Payne and Jane Boutette offered up some background on the focus of the Healthy Communities Program.

They highlighted the consultation and innovation that the project is bringing to Health Care in the community, taking a more a pro-active approach on the health of those living on the North Coast.

Through their Healthy Communities Committee, Northern Health is looking to engage the community in developing a strategic approach to target areas of concern to help residents avoid the need for acute care further down the road.

The main focus for this year for the Committee will be to examine issues related to youth at risk and items of interest regarding Seniors.

Representing the City of Prince Rupert on the Healthy Communities Committee will be Councillor Barry Cunningham, with Councillor Thorkelson standing as an alternate to the Committee.

More on the Healthy Communities approach can be found from the Northern Health website.

In addition to the overview of the Healthy Communities program, Ms. Gordon-Payne outlined the need for local residents to take advantage of the many grant opportunities that are offered by Northern Health, noting that they did not have a large number of applicants from the North Coast in the most recent grant period.

That lack of participation, left a fair amount of grant money behind that could have been used for programs and services in the community.

You can review the presentation from Monday from the City's Video Archive, it starts at the eleven minute mark and continues through until the 34 minute point.

For more items related to discussions at City Council see our Archive page here.

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