Friday, January 30, 2015

AquaTrain mooring wall construction wraps up

Aquatrain at Prince Rupert, photo
from Prince Rupert Rail Images blog
While the renovation plans for the Alaska Marine Highway Terminal project, steeped as they are in cross border controversy, may have come to sudden halt in recent days, there is some progress on the waterfront.

One marine transportation option for shipping items to Alaska has something to show, as the Port of Prince Rupert celebrates the conclusion of a construction project on the Prince Rupert waterfront.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority took to their twitter feed this morning to outline some of the work that has taken place on the Aquatrain facility in the city, with work now complete on the new mooring wall for the Barge service to Alaska.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority
outlined the progress of work on the
Aquatrain facility in Prince Rupert
The Aqua train provides a vital shipping link between Prince Rupert and Alaska, with CN Rail highlighting the service as part of the transportation options that it delivers to the Port of Prince Rupert.

The Auquatrain which is operated by Foss Maritime, offers 4 day service from Prince Rupert to Whittier, Alaska.

The Foss vessels that serve Prince Rupert recently were in the news in October,  as the Barbara Foss came to the aid of the Russian Vessel Simushir when it was adrift off of Haida Gwaii

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