Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day, 148 and Counting!

Canada Day Celebrations at Mariner's Park starts at Noon today
(from the Prince Rupert Special Events website)

While you wait for the start of the festivities at Mariner's Park, or at other locations across the Northwest, and in celebration of our 148th birthday, a few diversions for your Canada Day enjoyment.

Think you can pass the test?

CTV British Columbia dares you take their citizenship test

Do OK on that one?  Here's another test of Your Canadiana

Or just review what Canadians say makes us proud a trend that doesn't seem to change from year to year.

A Spaceman and his brother have a song for you!

The Hadfield brothers with "In Canada"

Speaking of songs, here's a fellow that could carry a tune...

It's our symbol today, and has been for fifty years now, but as the CBC reminds us the Maple Leaf wasn't always the beloved fabric of unity it represents today.

Not everyone loved the flag (though all things considered, we think things have turned out OK )

Once they got past it all (kind of, sort of) the flag finally found it's proper place on Parliament Hill and everywhere else across the land and beyond and has been flying ever since.

A moment to remember those who served their nation in time of war and to keep the peace.

Celebrate some of our inventions (the list is nowhere near complete though...)

Take in a few moments of our heritage.

Or sit back for a full fledged Canadian Film Festival

Does it take someone from the USA to explain it all to us?

Or, do we get it all on our own!

Enjoy your Canada Day, take a moment to think of what Canada means to you and how you can make it better.

A look at what's ahead for the Day in Prince Rupert can be found here, complete with this evening's fireworks show set for after 11 PM.

Did someone say Fireworks?

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