Friday, July 3, 2015

MLA's Salary and Expense information released by Legislature

This week the British Columbia Legislature
released financial disclosure information
for MLA's for a period from
October 2014 to March 2015
The British Columbia Legislature has provided the latest overview of compensation and spending for the province's MLA's.

The review released just before Canada Day, features details related to three major categories of compensation, constituency expenses and MLA Travel expenses.

The report from the Legislature provides a glimpse into the range of expenses that MLA's incur and put in expense claims for during their time in Victoria and back in their constituency offices.

Included in the review is a listing of receipts for both constituency purposes and travel required as part of their work in the capital.

The introduction to the overview from the Legislature can be found here.

For North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice, the overall expense of her constituency work came to just over 96 thousand dollars, while her travel costs came close to the 63,000 dollar mark for the reporting period of October 2014 to March 2015.

We start our look at the categories, with a review of the compensation notes for the North Coast MLA for the period of April1 1 2014 to March 2015.

Basic MLA Compensation -- $101,859
Additional salary -- $2,149
Total Compensation -- $104,008

A review of all MLA's Salaries can be found below

MLA's Compensation listings April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015

The operation of MLA's constituency offices also receives a review from the Legislature, with both an overall synopsis of the spending, as well as copies of a receipts for those services and items required for office operations included in the review.
The British Columbia Legislature
has released salary and expense
information for North Coast
MLA Jennifer Rice

For Ms. Rice constituency office expenses came in at over 96,000 dollars, two thirds, or 61,000 dollars of that amount was dedicated towards office administration, while Communications and Media advertising accounted for the majority of the remaining 30,000 dollar portion of that amount.

A good portion of that amount is designated towards area printing firms and Black Press (publishers of the Northern View and Haida Gwaii Observer), as well as for media advertising expenses with CJFW and CFNR radio.

The amounts for the North Coast MLA's Constituency Office Funded Expenses from April 2014 to March 2015 were as follows:

Office Administration -- $61,276
Special Events and Protocol -- $2,752
Communications and Advertising -- $25,252
Office Supplies -- $4,524
Constituency Travel (local) -- $612 
Other office expenses -- $1,959
Total Constituency Office Funded Expenses -- 96,375

The breakdown and receipts for Constituency expenses covering everything from coffee to media advertising payments and attendance at local events and meetings can be found below:

Quarter 3 expenses for North Coast Constituency Office -- October to December 2014
Quarter 4  expenses for North Coast Constituency Office -- January to March 2015

For comparisons with other MLA's across the province see the review of the overall provincial list found below:

Constituency Office Funded Expenses April 2014-15

Travel Expenses are a key aspect of the review as well, with many of the province's ridings located at some distance from Victoria, it's not surprising that the Northwest ridings and those that are found across Northern British Columbia make for the highest numbers when it comes to Travel expenses.

Included in the review of Ms. Rice's expenses from the Legislature report, is documentation related to flights to and from Victoria from the North Coast, including claims for travel with an accompanying person.

Hotel costs associated to duties as an MLA, rental car usage and gas expenses, taxi fares, as well as other air travel options for travel on Vancouver Island and to Vancouver are also included in the overview.

For Ms Rice, the amounts paid out from April 1 2014 to March 31 2015 are as follows:

Capital City Allowance Accommodation -- $12,000
Capital City Per Diem -- $3,704
In Constituency Travel -- Allowance $11,580
General Travel -- Travel Costs  $31,010
General Travel -- Per Diem $2,618
Accompanying Person Travel -- 3 instances $2,015
Total Tavel Expenses Paid -- $62,927

Quarter 3 -- Reimbursable Receipts for Travel Expenses October to December 2014
Quarter 4 -- Reimbursable Receipts for Travel January to March 2015

The review of all travel expenses for all  MLA's can be found below:

Travel expenses April 1 2014 to March 2015

For more items related to the North Coast MLA's work in Victoria see our archive page here.

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