Sunday, June 5, 2016

Blog Watching: Week ending June 5, 2016

A recent entry in the real estate listings ran away with the views this week on the blog, as our item related to the prospect of the Galaxy Gardens restaurant proved to be one of the most popular of our items in recent weeks.

Scrambling for the rest of the news flow on the week were three items related to LNG development in the region or the proposed LNG terminal at Lelu Island. Through the week our review of a letter from scientists urging the Federal government to reject the proposed site, attracted a strong audience. As did our pieces related to some feedback on LNG development from the residents of Gladstone Australia, bringing the LNG theme to an end was our look at Mayor Lee Brain's appearance as part of a panel at this weeks Nation2Nation conference in Kitamaat.

Education managed to grab a bit of space as well, with our Thursday item on plans from SD52 to recognize the departing staff members of 2016 and those reaching benchmarks in service gaining a strong audience as well.

However, the top item of the week focused on the convergence of the city's restaurant and real estate scenes with our look at the arrival of Third Avenue's Galaxy Gardens on the For Sale listings.

Popular Prince Rupert restaurant goes up for sale with 2 million dollar plus asking price -- North coast residents clearly have an interest in some of their favourite dining spots, as our item noting the inclusion of Galaxy Garden's on the For sale listings by far was the most read item in recent weeks  (posted May 31, 2016)

That article was followed by:

Letter from Scientists calls for Federal Government to reject Pacific NorthWest LNG project --  With the Federal Government expected to review the proposed LNG development at Lelu Island in the weeks to come, the file for review grew just a little bit thicker with a new letter from scientists urging rejection of the site for development.  (posted May 31, 2016)

Glad tidings from Gladstone, Australia and a bit of advice for Prince Rupert -- The prospect of development on the North Coast has attracted some interest from residents of an Australian city which has seen similar economic activity, with residents of Gladstone, Australia sharing some thoughts through their local newspaper  (posted May 31, 2016)

School District 52 set to bid farewell to another group of retiring Teachers and Administrators --  As the 2016 School year comes to an end, SD 52 will honour its departing staff members and recognize the service of others at a ceremony on June 6th ( posted June 2, 2016)

LNG Go Plan, land use issues among Mayor Brain's contributions to the Nation to Nation Conference -- Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain represented the city at this weeks Nation2Nation conference in Kitamaat, offering some notes on how the city is approaching development issues on the North Coast.  (posted June 3, 2016)

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