Friday, June 24, 2016

NWCC and University of Victoria sign agreement on Guaranteed Admissions

The road towards a university education may soon start with a two year program closer to home at Northwest community College, a new initiative that will allow northwest residents to stay in the region for an additional year, before moving into the larger campus of a major British Columbia University.

That possible choice for students and parents comes through the announcement of an agreement today between NWCC and the University of Victoria, an innovative approach to education that highlights a guaranteed admission pathway to the university located in British Columbia's capital city.

The program is directed towards University  Credit Arts and Science students who meet UVic entrance requirements and will allow students to complete up to two years of their degrees at an NWCC campus before moving to Victoria to complete their studies.

The guaranteed admission pathway will allow those students bound for UVic to remain close to home during the early transition years between secondary school and post secondary education, which should deliver extra support for students and provide savings for families in the Northwest.

“Research shows that students who begin their academic journeys at a college do as well or better than those that enter university straight out of high school,”  “At NWCC, we are invested in our people in the northwest and want to offer as many different pathways as possible to help them achieve their goals.” -- Ken Burt, President and CEO of Northwest Community College outlining the benefits of a new agreement with the University of Victoria

North Coast students will soon be able to launch their first two
years of University a little closer to home, through a new
agreement between NWCC and the University of Victoria

Further background on today's announcement can be reviewed here.

You can find out more about the guaranteed admission program from the educational advisors at the Student Support Services office of Northwest community college.

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