Monday, June 20, 2016

School District to wait on redirected spending, moves ahead with Capital projects

School District 52 will wait until the fall enrolment numbers come in before it decides how to allocate it's share of the Ministry of Educations recently announced redirected savings money.

As we outlined on the blog in early June, the Prince Rupert share of that provincial funding is $123,861, at their June 14th Board meeting, the Board of Education announced that they would wait until the fall before considering how the additional funds can best meet the needs of SD52 students.

At the same meeting, which was the final Board meeting for this current school year, the School District Council highlighted the three capital projects that the Ministry of Education had approved.

Those projects include:

SD52 will install a new boiler at
Conrad School as part of their
Carbon Neutral Program
The installation of a water flushing system in all district buildings to address water quality issues - in particular, the findings of lead in the water of area schools.

The replacement of boilers in Conrad Elementary School, making use of 130,000 dollars from the Carbon Neutral Capital Program.

The final Capital project for the year will see the replacement of one of the district's busses for students with special needs.

The Board of Education also announced the findings of the School District 52 submission to its 2015 Carbon Neutral Action Report.

The May document noted that the total emissions for offsets for the 2015 calendar year were 844 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.   The report also explained that the District pays $25 per tonne to offset the carbon emissions, with the majority of those emissions coming from the heating requirements of district buildings.

As they outlined in their Capital Spending report, the Board is making use of their capital project program to tackle some of those challenges, with the planned replacement of the boiler at Conrad School part of their efforts to reduce those carbon emission issues.

You can find more on last weeks School District meeting here.

Further background on School District 52 issues and events can be reviewed on our archive page.

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