Tuesday, June 28, 2016

North Coast Roller Derby fans look to create Prince Rupert squad

After a couple of tentative starts in the past, things appear to be ramping up when it comes to launching a local Women's Roller Derby Squad with plans in the works to try and get some skaters in place this summer.

A post to a Facebook page created for the group is laying the foundation for the project and so far things appear to be taking off nicely, with 30 new members signing up since the first post appeared on June 24th.

The group has plans to hold a first meeting this Thursday at 5:30 PM at Tim Horton's to provide an outline of what's involved to get the project up and on the skating floor. 

The Prince Rupert team, tentatively using the name of Kaien Island Derby Dolls (though a name change is among some of the the topics for the future) is currently looking to establish a list of coaches and officials with men invited to lend a hand there, while recruiting for the squad for the skating floor is for ladies 19 years of age and over.

If things come together as hoped, the days of jams, jumps and blocks could soon be part of the Prince Rupert sports scene.

Roller Derby has seen a bit of a revival in recent years, with the female brand of the sport making inroads in a number of British Columbia communities. Vancouver has been the centrepiece of the sports growth with a number of teams competing around the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island area.

Terrace has been one hotspot in the province with the North Coast Nightmares squad travelling to competitions around B.C. and starting to make a name for itself.

An example of what the sport is all about can be found from the video below featuring the Nightmares in action last year.

Some of the Terrace exploits can be reviewed below:

May 2016 - Roller Derby team strikes gold
February 2016 -- North Coast Nightmares ready to roll

You can keep up to date on the Prince Rupert plans from the Facebook page that has been created for the new sports option in the area.

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